Your Benefit Credits

All support and administration for the benefits packages is taken care of for you.  You’ll only have to deal with one simple list bill.

Large Group Employers

If you’re a large group employer, you already have numerous options available to you for employee benefits but you can extend those options even further.

Of course, you can offer standard benefits such as life, vision, dental, and disability. You may even already offer these benefits to your employees. With Benefit Credits and the Smart Insurance Marketplace (SIM), you can offer a package of benefits that are tailored to your business and employees. This can include whatever benefits you want to provide–it could even include your group health insurance. The best part is that you simply pick what kind of benefits to offer; you won’t have to worry about anything else.

Don’t forget: all support and administration for the benefits packages is taken care of for you. That means that even if you have a group plan that you are mandated to have through the Affordable Care Act, we can streamline your billing by including your group plan on the Smart Insurance Marketplace. It also means we can help your employees when they have questions about a plan or about how to enroll. And best of all, when everything is all said and done, you’ll only have to deal with one simple list bill.

All you will have to worry about is determining which benefit types to offer and determining Benefit Credits for each employee. That’s how much you will allow for each employee for their benefits.

It’s that simple.


Plan Options Available on the Smart Insurance Marketplace

For You

Using Benefit Credits is a hassle-free solution for employers because it only takes three steps:

    1. Determine Benefit Credits for each employee
    2. Your Employees spend allowance on an enriched benefit portfolio
    3. You receive one simple list bill for all your employees’ benefits packages.


For Your Employees

Don’t spend any more precious time reciting the same voluntary plans over and over again. In three steps, employees can take control of their voluntary benefits:

  1.  Log into the marketplace to access their Benefit Credits
  2. Shop for the coverage they want
  3. Purchase it with their Benefit Credits

As an added benefit, employees can use the leftover money to purchase additional benefits, if they choose.


For Everybody

With Benefit Credits, everybody gets better benefits. In addition to a hassle-free way to shop for benefits, full support is provided to you and your employees. Licensed agents are ready to answer your questions, or your employees questions, so you don’t have to. You won’t ever have to worry about the administrative side either, from the enrollment process to the billing. Benefit Credits is a simple but comprehensive solution to benefits for everyone.