Benefit Solutions

Find out below how we help simplify insurance benefits for both the employer and the employee.

Benefit Credits Are The Solution

You receive a package of plans. Each package has different levels of benefits, so your diverse employees can find which plan suits them best.

Costs are fixed. You decide on an allowance for each employee; employees can use that allowance as a budget or use it all and pay for additional benefits on their own if they choose.

Easy and Economical. You don’t lift a finger. Support and administration are taken care of and licensed agents who have complete knowledge of all the products are ready to help your employees, so all your employees will have to do is shop for their benefits; Benefit Credits and the Smart Insurance Marketplace offer the help, advice, and support, so you don’t have to.


Employer Benefits

Costs are fixed. Even if a plan price changes, the allowance an you agree to pay per employee stays the same. The 100% paperless enrollment process also keeps costs at a minimum, and it’s simple for you because you only receive one simple list bill, only for what you agreed to pay.

You receive a package of benefits that fits the size and needs of your company. All you have to do is set an  allowance for your employees, then wait for your bill. Since  full administrative support is provided, your employees will have a support center, so you won’t have to worry about that either.

Your HR will have the flexibility to turn enrollment on or off for new hires and during open enrollment, the ability to monitor who has enrolled and who has yet to enroll and send out communication, and management of the enrollment process. This includes real-time reporting, consolidated billing, and add/remove employee status.

Happier Employees
Your employees gain more than just benefits. They gain the satisfaction of a benefits plan they want and choose, and the education to better understand the value of the Benefit Credits and Smart Insurance Marketplace plans you offer them. Employees with more control over their benefits, value their benefits. Employees with great benefits are happier employees.


Employee Benefits

Your employees have an easier shopping experience. All available plans are online and have policy descriptions, with side by side comparisons of plans. They also can shop for plans in their own time, and enrolling is as easy as shopping online for anything else.

Your employees have access to a full service call center, which is staffed by helpful and friendly licensed agents. They are ready to answer questions, advise your employees and help them enroll in a plan specific to their needs. The call center can provide simple advice, or even help employee through the enrollment process, step by step.

In addition to spending their Benefit Credits to purchase the benefits that will fit their needs, your employees gain other financial freedoms. Your employees have the opportunity to take advantage of other benefits they may not have considered before. They will have access to all the benefits you offer in one simple place.

Your employees gain access to an engaging and educating Smart Insurance Marketplace that not only helps them make their own plan decisions, but helps them learn about their benefits, plans, and policies in a way they may not have had the chance to learn before. They also gain real time access to all data and plans in which they are enrolled, giving them complete control over their benefits.