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Alexandria Sleaver

Media Contact | Benefit Credits
Phone: (608) 314-2125


What are Benefit Credits?

Together, Benefit Credits and the Smart Insurance Marketplace provide the solution to benefits in the workplace. The Smart Insurance Marketplace is where employees can shop for benefits using Benefit Credits provided to them from their employer.

Combining all the things you want in your benefits package, it’s the new way for employers to offer benefits to their employees. It’s comprehensive, easy, and economical for employers and employees alike.

Benefit Credits began under its parent company, SASid, Inc. in 2013 with one easy objective: to simplify benefits for everyone. There are three key things that Benefit Credits does to keep it all simple for everyone.

Benefit Credits:

  • Uses an online platform
  • Provides all the support for the benefit products through a call center
  • Fixes costs and streamlines the billing process.

It might be the easiest, most comprehensive approach that serves businesses of any size. It’s that simple.


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Press Releases

We love sharing our good news and success stories. Here we have a list of press releases we have released or other businesses have released about a partnership with Benefit Credits. Again, if you aren’t finding what you’re looking for, please let us know

About SASid


Located in Janesville, WI, Simple and Smart insurance development (SASid, Inc.) is a privately held company with a solid reputation for building products and private labeling brands. Our SASid team enjoys helping people with their insurance needs and consistently providing best-in-class administrative, enrollment, billing and claims customer support. SASid is strategically looking for long term partners to grow, learn, and develop with. Let’s make insurance Simple to understand and Smart to have.