About Benefit Credits

Benefit Credits is an innovative technology-based employee benefits system that uses the Smart Insurance Marketplace.  Focused on its desire to help and educate, the Benefit Credits and the Smart Insurance Marketplace create greater value for employers and inspire employees to become more engaged health care consumers. Our Parent companies SASid, Inc. and InsuranceTPA.com are driven by Large National Associations to create valuable insurance products and services to offer their Memebership. Offering products to people with fixed budgets is our expertise. Leveraging our systems for employers is the future.

  • Our Products are available to over 10 million Members.
  • We launched and successfully operate one of the country’s first private exchanges (www.RealtorsInsuranceMarketplace.com).  We are the exchange experts.
  • Benefit Credits is technology-focused benefit solution system, using the Smart Insurance Marketplace provided by  SASid, Inc, an Inc. 5000 company and administered  by InsuranceTPA.com.


 About SASid, Inc. and InsuranceTPA

Located in Janesville, WI, Simple and Smart insurance development (SASid, Inc.) is a privately held company with a solid reputation for building products and insurance marketplaces. Our SASid team enjoys helping people with their insurance needs and consistently providing best-in-class administrative, enrollment, billing and claims customer support. SASid is strategically looking for long term partners to grow, learn, and develop with.

Let’s make insurance Simple to understand and Smart to have.